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When it comes to asset management, Endeavour Financial Planning has helped many satisfied clients in the Wirral area. Call us today to see how we can help with the management of your wealth.

What are assets?

Assets include cash, investments and savings, but can also be a building such as a house. Not all assets are physical; for example, intellectual property and the goodwill of a business are intangible assets.

What is asset management?

Asset management is the process of working with cash and investments with the goal to increase the value of the assets.

Professional asset management advisers undertake research and analysis of companies and investment markets in order to recommend which investments the client should use.

Not all investments are risk free. The asset manager will be an expert in assessing the risk of the investment opportunities that are available. Investment advice will be tailored to the level of risk that the client is willing to take. It will often be wise to have a range of investments with a mixed level of risk.

An asset manager should also be up to date on tax laws so that the tax payable on growing assets can be planned wisely.

Asset management is not just about growing wealth in the short-term. Good asset management takes a long-term view, looking at how to maximise a pension income on retirement, and ways to manage a person’s estate after they die. Asset management can include trust planning strategies that can benefit a person’s dependents.

Wealthy people can use an asset management company to handle all their financial affairs. People with more moderate wealth, meanwhile, can be helped by wealth management advice.

Why not do it all yourself?

There is nothing stopping an individual researching investment opportunities, but finance is a complex process. Asset management advisers have studied the financial market for years and will have a level of expertise not usually reached by their clients.

Investing, tax planning, trusts and pensions are all complicated processes and not many people are experts in every one of these financial areas. Endeavour Financial Planning has a team of experts on hand that can advise you on all aspects of asset management.

Talk to Endeavour Financial Planning today to arrange a free, no obligation meeting. Whether you want a full, asset management service, or advice on how to plan your finances, Endeavour Financial Planning is here to help.

Investments – The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all your original investment

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