Financial Investment Planning

Financial investment planning is necessary if you want to manage and grow your wealth. At Endeavour Financial Planning, we are experts at creating investment strategies tailored to our individual client’s needs.

There are three essential steps to financial investment planning: working out how much you can invest, creating an investment plan and then taking action.

How much can you invest?

The first step is to work out is how much you can invest, whether that is a lump capital sum or am amount each month that can be invested. To work out a monthly investment budget, write down all your regular expenses such as rent or mortgage, electricity, food, entertainment, car expenses, credit card bills, insurance payments and anything else you spend on a regular basis. It also helps to have a budget for such extras such as clothes, holidays, birthday and Christmas gifts. Then add a small percentage of your income for emergencies or impulse purchases.

Subtract your total expenditure from your income to arrive at a sum that you can regularly invest each month.

You may also have some existing savings sitting in a low interest account, or have excess money in your bank’s current account that can be invested to achieve higher interest rates.

The investment plan

Unless you’re a financial expert yourself, an investment plan is best worked out with an investment planning service or a financial adviser.

An investment plan begins with investment goals. This will include the timeframe. Are you looking for short term gains or are you more interested in long-term financial goals such as planning for a financially secure retirement, and how far away from retirement are you?

You also need to consider the level of risk that you are prepared to take. Investing in the stock market can bring high returns but can be risky, whereas safer investments may have a lower return on investment but little or no risk. The level of risk can be reduced as you near retirement.

You also need to consider whether you will want to regularly withdraw some of your money or allow it to accumulate.

You can manage your investments yourself or leave it to an investment company.


Once a plan has been formulated then all that is required is to take action to implement the plan.

Your first step to successful investment financial planning is to consult the experts. Contact Endeavour Financial Planning for a confidential, no obligation discussion on how we can work with you to grow your wealth.

Investments – The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all your original investment.

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