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Not everyone is a financial expert. When it comes to looking after your personal finances, you need to make wise decisions with the help of an independent financial advisor. Chester residents should talk to Endeavour Financial Planning today, as it’s helped many people in the area with all their personal finance needs.

Endeavour independent financial advisors cover all areas of personal finance, including pension savings, property, tax planning, insurance, long-term health care, savings and investments. There are many financial organisations that will try and sell you financial products that cover all of these areas. It is difficult to choose between them all. An independent financial advisor can help make these choices easier and prevent you paying too much for financial products.

A consultation with an independent financial advisor starts with a discussion in which the advisor gets to know you and you get to know them. The initial discussion is a chance to air your financial concerns and talk about your financial goals. The advisor will assess the level of risk you are happy with, as some investment products carry more risks than others.

The advisor will have a wide-ranging knowledge of the various financial products that are available, and keep up to date with the launch of new products. They need the ability to match a financial product to your needs. Non-independent financial advisors only recommend a narrow range of products. An independent financial advisor is not restricted to a select range of products, so is in a better position to customise a financial plan to each individual client.

The best independent financial advisors provide unbiased advice and give a personalised service. Ideally, your relationship with a financial advisor should be a long one. Most people have significant stages in their life that affect their finances including marriage, divorce, bereavement and children entering university. At each major life event you will probably need financial advice. It helps if this comes from an independent financial advisor that you have had a long relationship with and who knows you well.

An independent financial advisor will have undergone extensive training to obtain high-level professional qualifications. They should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure that they are ethical in their dealings with clients.

Call us today to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting with an expert independent financial advisor at Endeavour Financial Planning. We provide sound and impartial financial advice to Chester area residents.

Tax planning advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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