Independent Financial Planning

Independent financial planning helps you make informed decisions about your money and the best way to invest it, meaning that your wealth grows and is protected. For financial planning advice in the Wirral area, talk to Endeavour Financial Planning today.

Wirral’s wealthy ways

There is plenty of affluence in the Wirral area, many major retailers and hi-tech companies based on the peninsula. Also, thanks to scenic areas like New Brighton and West Kirby, the Wirral tourist industry contributes hundreds of millions of pounds a year to the local economy.

For the many residents of Wirral who are benefiting from the prosperous economy of their home area, there is a need to manage their finances wisely. Of course, everyone is free to manage their own finances, but using the services of a professional independent financially planning company can manage your wealth more effectively. Financial planners will charge a fee, but their planning advice could result in your wealth increasing by an amount that dwarfs this fee.

What does independent financial planning achieve?

Independent financial planners can advise and help you choose financial products from a wide range of providers.

There are several areas that a financial planner can advise on. They will give guidance on investments and help you assess the risks involved in the investments you may be considering.

Pension planning is vital part of the financial planning process. Choosing the best pension options will enable you to arrange a regular pension income so that you are financially comfortable when you retire.

The largest asset for most people is their house. A financial plan could include equity release*. You may also benefit from switching your mortgage to one with a lower interest rate.

A financial planner will advise on tax so that you do not pay more than you need to. Protection insurance is an important financial area. Insurance protects you from life’s unforeseen events. It can help you financially if you are ill or have an accident. Life insurance can protect your loved ones if you die.

Financial planning also takes into account wheat happens after you have gone. You can make sure that your estate is passed on to your dependants so that they do not have financial problems.

For expert independent financial planning, contact Endeavour Financial Planning today. Our friendly and relaxed service, combined with our expert understanding of finance and clear impartial advice, has meant many satisfied clients in the Wirral area.


Investments – The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all your original investment.

Tax Planning advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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