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Simply leaving money in a standard high street bank savings account will result in very low interest. To increase your wealth, wise investment planning is required. To find out how Endeavour Financial Planning can help you plan your investments, contact us today.

Wirral’s economic landscape

The economic situation of Wirral residents is mixed, but yearly statistics usually show that full-time employees earn more than the North West England average. It is a good business environment with many successful businesses. Tourism in particular contributes a great deal to the Wirral economy.

If you have assets that you need to invest then you need the help of a Wirral-based investment planner.

Short, medium and long-term goals

An investment planner considers your goals for the immediate and more distant future.

In the short term, you need a healthy cashflow. This can be made up from your salary plus regular income from investments, such as interest or dividends.

Medium to long-term investment planning looks at how to achieve a reasonable income when you retire. Most workers will be enrolled in a workplace pension scheme, but the income that this pension provides in addition to the state pension may not be enough maintain a person’s usual lifestyle. A private pension or other investments can add the extra income that makes all the difference.

Long-term planning will also look at the value of your estate and how it will be distributed to your loved ones after you die.

Weighing up risks and protection

An important part of an investment planner’s job is risk assessment. Some investment products may provide a high yield, but can be risky, especially when investing in the stock market where shares go up and down.

An investment planner will discuss with level of risk their clients are prepared to take, or may suggest spreading investments amongst low to high-risk products.

To protect against other financial risks, an investment planner will advise on protection insurance, including life insurance, mortgage protection and income protection.

Tackling tax concerns

Importantly, an investment planner will also look at how your investment earnings are taxed and will plan your tax liabilities so that that you do not pay more than you need to. The planner may also suggest setting up a family trust to save on inheritance tax.

To start planning your investments, contact Endeavour Financial Planning today for a free no obligation discussion, and discover how you can grow and protect your wealth.

Investments – The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all your original investment.

Taxation advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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