Manufacture Live celebrates Liverpool’s manufacturing success

Manufacture Magazine is hosting the Manufacture Live event at Liverpool’s ACC Exhibition Centre this month.

Over 100 manufacturers are demonstrating the latest developments in robotics, data capture and augmented reality.

Manufacture Magazine chose Liverpool for the exhibition in recognition of the success of manufacturing in the area and how it drives the local economy. It is estimated that manufacturing in the region will grow by 22% in the next decade after achieving a 34% growth in recent years, making Liverpool is a leading manufacturing region in the UK.

Liverpool businessman Alan Foster will be featured at the event. Foster, who is Executive Director of Infrastructure Projects at supercar makers McLaren, said:

“The event is really all about trying to get the agenda of UK manufacturing back into the forefront of people’s consciousness. It’s a very large networking event mixed with presentations and panel discussions, where this year I’m also a presenter for one or two of the panels.”

The event is a chance for networking, and for people involved in manufacturing in the region to get together to formulate deals and partnerships.

As well as showcasing new technologies, the November 15 and 16 event will focus on the human element too, such as how successful leaders contribute to the success of manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing contributes significantly to Liverpool’s economy and has made many local businessmen and managers wealthy. Through careful financial planning and investment advice, Liverpool people working in manufacturing have prospered financially from the success of the manufacturing sector.

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Posted by Mark
10th November 2017


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