Wealth Management

Wealth management is the process of protecting and growing wealth. Endeavour Financial Planning helps many people in the Wirral area manage their wealth. Talk to Endeavour today to find out how we can help improve your finances.

There are many prosperous residents in the Wirral area. This is a good situation, but it also means that scammers have targeted people in the Wirral in order to separate them from their wealth. To combat this, Trading Standards have organised the Friends Against Scams initiative. They have organised training in the Wirral area to show residents how to avoid scams. Details can be obtained from Wirral Trading Standards.

Many scammers promise high returns for their investment schemes, but usually money invested is lost. Wealth managers are highly trained and are monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority to make sure that their services are ethical. As a wealth management service acts for the best interests of their client and, unlike the scammers, provide unbiased advice on the best saving and investment strategies, providing realistic information on investment risks and expected returns.

Wealth management takes a long-term view on finance. Investments advice takes into account long-term capital growth as well as ways to receive a steady income. Investing in stocks and shares or unit trusts can be both complicated and risky. A wealth manager will discuss a number of investment options and recommend only investments products that carry a risk that their clients are happy with.

Wealth management includes retirement planning to create an income into your senior years. Estate planning provides for your dependants when you die.

Nobody likes paying too much tax. A wealth management plan will look out how to pay just the required amount of tax, and no more.

There are many stages in life when extra funds are needed. Buying house, getting married or when your children enter university are just a few examples. A wealth management strategy will prepare you for when these extra expenses need paying. There can be unexpected and unpredictable life events that affect your finances such as illness, accident or redundancy. A sound wealth management plan will include insurance to minimise the financial impact of unforeseen events.

The first step on creating your wealth management strategy is to arrange a no obligation discussion with a financial expert at Endeavour Financial Planning where we can get to know you and your financial goals, and you can discover how we can help you achieve these goals. Call us today.

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