Wirral labour market maintains good state

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) provides information about the Wirral economy, and its recent Wirral Labour Market Profile report reveals that the working population of the Wirral is prosperous.

There are 321,200 people living in the Wirral, and employment is high with only 8% not working. After students, the incapacitated and people looking after their families at home are taken from these figures, the unemployment population is just 3.8%.

About half the Wirral population (50.2%) are in the social groups 1 to 3. These include managers, directors, senior officials, professional occupations, associate professionals and technical occupations. These people will usually be on high salaries, with the Wirral average wage being £529.50 a week.

The statistics reveal a difference between male and female wages; the average weekly male wage is £603.90, while the female average is a significantly lower £435.00.

In total, there are 99,000 jobs in Wirral. The leading employers, with 22,000 jobs, are in the health and social work area, and the second top job area is education with 11,000 jobs. Though many people believe that British manufacturing has declined, there are still 8,000 Wirral people employed by manufacturing companies.

Wirral is a tourist destination too, with 7,000 people employed in the accommodation and food service areas.

If you judge the Wirral economy by the health of its labour statistics, then the region is in good shape. Endeavour Financial Planning is one of the many successful Wirral employers, and provides financial planning for residents of this diverse and exciting peninsula.

Source used: https://www.nomisweb.co.uk/reports/lmp/la/1946157107/report.aspx?town=Wirral#tabempunemp

Posted by Kim
23rd December 2017


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