What initiatives are helping the Wirral economy grow?

With the Wirral having a growth plan in place and hoping to achieve it by 2020, a number of local initiatives are playing their part.

A notable one of these is Wirral Unchained, a membership card scheme designed to promote the use of Wirral independent businesses. Since many Wirral people shop online or visit Liverpool, this affects businesses on the peninsula. Adam Campbell from Upton created Wirral Unchained, members of which receive discounts and offers from Wirral businesses including hairdressers, cafes and shops. By the end of April 2017, 21 businesses had signed up to the scheme, with more following. He said:

“After moving to Wirral and seeing all the amazing unchained businesses and realising there wasn’t anyone championing them specifically, it seemed like it was something that was missing.”

Campbell’s website WirralUnchained.co.uk spotlights three Wirral businesses each week.

The Wirral Unchained scheme is small so far, but is just one of the many ways in which Wirral local businesses are promoted. Wirral Council has the Wirral Plan, a five-year growth plan to expand business using a partnership of local government and businesses.

The Wirral Business Association organises networking events to help local businesses promote their business and share their ideas for expansion.

Lastly, the Wirral Chamber of Commerce provides support and guidance for entrepreneurs.

All these initiatives mean that Wirral residents involved in business are benefiting financially. To protect and grow both business and personal wealth requires careful financial planning. Wirral residents should talk to Endeavour Financial Planning for the best independent financial advice.

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Posted by Mark
17th May 2017


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