Should women invest more?

Women on average live longer than men, but they tend to invest less, which can mean that they face financial problems after they retire.

Last month, the Grosvenor Museum in Chester hosted an exhibition that featured several women who have made major contributions to science. This was part of a project to raise the profile of women’s roles in leading professions, and highlights the valuable contributions that women have made to British life, but they still earn less than men on average. Consequently, they have less disposable income than men and their investments are smaller.

HMRC statistics on ISAs reveal that 870,000 women have investor ISAs compared to over a million men. However, women hold more cash ISAs, indicating that women are saving rather than investing.

The investment group Fidelity held a survey to find out about investment attitudes, and found that more women than men said that they were not confident in investing. They said this was because they did not have sufficient knowledge and did not understand the stock market.

Dimitrios Tsivrikos, a psychologist at the University of Durham, said that historically investments and finance were male tasks, with women expected in engage in money only when running the household. He says that this resulted in stereotyped female attitudes to money that still prevail today to an extent.

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Posted by Alan
18th July 2017


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